Software of design and product engineering for modelling, prototyping and photorealistic representation of 3D models.


Speed and efficiency





Speed and efficiency

Reply to market demands, accelerating the design and development of new models.

Reuse developed models to create new series.

Reduce prototyping time and cost by replacing physical samples by realistic digital models.


Experience greater creative freedom in designing and prototyping innovative models, with audacious style lines and new materials.


Renew your image using the most effective tools for design, communication and marketing with clients and business partners.

Adopt new methods of collaborative work, interacting with your designers, product managers and decision makers.

Features 3D Design & Engineering for Footwear

Sketch style lines

Paint-like sketch tool for shoe designers.

Direct mapping of sketches and images over the last.

Advanced layer support.

Export to rapid prototyping systems.

Manual mockup construction using flattened version of design.

Last digitizing and editing

Interactive last digitizing.

Full integration with major last CAD systems.

Interactive and parameterized last editing.

Automatic last flattening allowing manual customization.

Sole modeling

Full integration with major sole CAD systems.

Accurate sole template creation based on last shape.

Interactive modeling of soles and heels.

Full material support for sole components.

3D upper part modeling

Drawing of style lines over surface.

Creation of stitches, laces, punches, padding, buckles, etc.

Digitizing and mapping of materials.

Full integration with photo realistic packages.

Tight integration with MindCAD 2D Design & Engineering.


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