DIVA - Digital Inspection and Virtual Annotation

Streamline your product development with our standalone marking system

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Innovative marking
  • Streamlined production
  • Precision and ease of use
  • Integrated environment

DIVA Benefits

Enhanced productivity

The continuous “conveyor feed and capture” process, combining the defects marking and the automatic identification of leather boundaries, enhances operator productivity and overcomes material length limitations.

Innovative marking

MindCUT’s non-physical, non-destructive digital marking process preserves the high quality of the leather materials. The real-time marking guarantees a quick and accurate classification process.

Streamlined production

Meet your customers’ demand for high-volume processing with an integrated offline production environment.

Precision and ease of use

The MindCUT Digitizer simplifies the marking, capture, and classification process, and makes production precise yet simple. Our machine offers innovative digital pen marking, high resolution image capture, and real-time projected information.

The contour, holes, and quality areas of your leather are easily recognized and classifiable.

Integrated environment

MindCUT Digitizer is compatible with MindCUT Automatic Nesting and Cut Systems, ensuring integrated process management and the best performance.

Efficient and powerful

Automatic capture

Capture entire leather hide in a continuous “conveyor feed and capture” process, with automatic identification of leather boundaries.

Automatic capture

Digital Marking

Use the digital pen for precise and non-destructive marking and classification of the leather, preserving its high quality.

Digital Marking


Identify and save the capture and classifications results; tag and store the leather hide, for easy retrieval across the production cycle.


Leather Hide Ranking

Optimize the leather hides’ selection process through automatic leather ranking (Optional software add-on).

Leather Hide Ranking

DIVA sizes

Choose from two different sizes to select the perfect machine for your application


Width (in mm/in)
3570 / 140.5

Length (in mm/in)
1560 / 61.5

Height (in mm/in)
2270 / 89


Width (in mm/in)
4070 / 160

Length (in mm/in)
1480 / 58

Height (in mm/in)
2430 / 95.5

DIVA in action

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