Part Scan

Accelerate and optimize the cut workflow

The best solution for cut preparation in Textile Print & Cut and Pattern Matching Scenarios.

An integrated 2D environment for the design and engineering of Apparel models, focused on the preparation of parts to be cut in digitally printed materials and patterned textiles.

Innovation and flexibility

Use an advanced range of innovative 2D tools, delivering greater flexibility for the preparation of Apparel models.

Appliable to various production scenarios - from simple cutting of plain textiles to automatic recognition and cutting of printed materials (print & cut), or textiles with complex patterns (pattern matching).

Speed and precision

Be faster and more productive in developing new models.

Reuse parts across models, reducing costs and production time.

Reuse developed models to create new series, granting consistency and precision across models and production results.

2D features for Apparel

Model parts digitizing

Import and digitizing using a 2D digitizing tablet.

Automatic digitizing of parts using a flatbed scanner.

Support for multiple digitizing devices, including large format scanners, or capture tables based on digital cameras, namely our fully integrated MindCAD Part Scan.

Creating model parts

Complete the model parts definition and/ or create additional specific geometry of your model parts.

Define the parts and prepare them for nesting and cutting, using the tools for:

  • Rotation rules for nesting optimization.
  • Automatic creation of notches, fillets, drills, and stencils.
  • Automatic definition of margins and overlaps.

Parts preparation for Printed Cut

Based on high resolution images, define, and apply reference points, for subsequent material printing and - during later production - automatic recognition and cut of printed parts.

Define the optimization rules for automatic nesting of parts.

Using nesting tools, prepare the printing template for digital printing on roll materials.

Parts preparation for Pattern Matching

Complete the preparation of parts, defining the alignment and matching rules between parts – thus respecting the defined material virtual pattern.

Apply reference points, for subsequent automatic model alignment with the material real pattern.

The automatic pattern recognition and alignment will occur during the later cutting phase, with the patterned material already placed in the cut machine.


Tight integration with MindCUT software for automatic nesting and cutting.

Full integration and data exchange with MindGEST PDM, a centralized information repository for products and processes.

Interoperability with MindGEST Material Estimation for cost assessment based on product engineering options and production scenarios.

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