Product design & engineering


Complete 2D/3D CAD solutions for the design, development and engineering of industry-specific products.

MindCAD is the perfect solution for the product designer and engineer, offering a balanced mix of creative and technical 2D and 3D CAD tools.

The unique and innovative features of MindCAD solutions contribute decisively to your effectiveness and productivity.

Full integration of creative and technical tools

Use the intuitive user interfaces, reducing your learning curve in a highly productive environment.

Real time interactions and highly realistic representations make your design more fluid and creative, approaching the processes of fashion sketching, styling and modeling.

The geometric modeling tools, flexible and accurate, support you in all phases of the complex engineering process.

Total 2D - 3D integration

The solution offers you an innovative approach to total modeling of all components of the product, in an intuitive, interactive and highly integrated 2D/ 3D environment.

- Use the integrated modeling tools for all the product components.
- Your changes in a shape are automatically applied to all components of the product.
- Apply changes on 3D model and watch them reflected over 2D representation (and vice versa).
- Generate 2D scaling from 3D designs.

Clear competitive advantages

By incorporating the expertise of a large team of industry experts and the feedback from a wide customer base, the solutions delivers you:

- Increased flexibility and faster response to market demands.
- Higher quality and accuracy in conceptual design and modeling.
- Higher accuracy and consistency in engineering.
- Overall reduction of cost and production times.

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