TITLI - MSD Contest

The Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, accepted Mind's challenge to participate on the international Mind ShoeDesign Award Contest. The contest, under the theme of Sustainability, and promoted by Mind, APICCAPS, CTCP and Shoelutions, is a competition open to professional and non-professional designers worldwide, while there is a simultaneous competition specifically reserved for school students.

In this competition limited to students at Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry, the winner will have a prize equivalent to the 3rd place of the international prize, and whoever competes for the school is automatically enrolled in the international competition, thus accumulating the prizes in case of victory, obviously!

Competitors must exclusively use Mind ShoeDesign software to develop their projects (the software is provided free of charge to all competitors).

Mind ShoeDesign is an innovative and user-friendly 2D/3D software for footwear design, which allows footwear designers to foster creativity, perfectly integrated into the production process.

The international contest will reward competitors with €50,000 in cash and software licenses, of which more than €25,000 are for the first prizes. Furthermore, the winner will have the awarded project/model produced by the contest partner Shoelutions.

Proposals must be sent until 2023 January 31st and the jury will deliberate by 2023 February 29th.

For more information about the contest ... mindshoedesign.pt/contest