"The solutions implemented together with Mind allowed us to be more competitive, profitable, versatile, efficient and faster…"

Cristina Freitas | Managing Partner
Samba Footwear

Samba Footwear

SAMBA FOOTWEAR is a manufacturing industry that envisions a qualitative and quantitative turnover growth.

Its legacy of more than 70 years is a result of a consolidation of learning, development, innovation and growth.

It has the mission to make high-quality, glamourous, luxurious and stylish shoes, with an extremely rigorous and elegant fabrication.

Our research is focused on the search of products, which require the maximum care and attention from our team – from the first skecthes of a shoe until the final product – assuming the responsibility of each and every detail.

We are constantly challenged by the goal to improve and make better, faster and in a more innovative way, without the most important aspects – QUALITY and COMFORT.


Before adopting Mind solutions, there were several processes that took more time, were handmade, had a much more complicated logistic and labor costs were higher.

Mind allowed to close the loopholes with technology, innovation and dedication and the company became more efficient and competitive. This was possible for instance with 2D, with which the company started to work and record digitally what was before only in physical format and much more time-consuming; or with the laser machine, with which we started to record the numbers in the soles and the clients’ mark in the soles and/or leather in-house, improving the control of the product and reducing the work, labor and logistics costs.


The adoption of Mind integrated automatic cut system has the main goal of serving the client in a more effective, efficient and faster way regarding samples, which is also essential to produce small amounts.


After implementing all the innovations, the processes are simpler and faster, as well as the response to the client is much more assertive, has more quality and is provided in a much shorter period of time.

In this sense and with the innovations implemented, the company can cover and reach markets that were impossible before. The turnover grew considerably and our products reached and entered in new markets.


The solutions implemented together with Mind allowed the company to be more competitive, profitable, automatized, versatile, effective, efficient, assertive and faster, with even better results, closer to our clients and entering new markets.

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